Danger from Book Perusal

Sketchbook pages from way, way back.  I was looking at a great book on African art and things…well, things got a little weird.

Sketchbook page showing funny chicken footed creature with giant hole in its head.

Sketchbook page showing creatures that look like medieval inspired deer.The scans date from way back too.

When Owl was a Dude

A villain from when I was sketching out ideas for the comic I’m working on. Pencil sketch showing character design for a cubby owl villain.Pencil sketch showing character design for a cubby owl villain.

This can also be considered an early version of the female hero character Owl.  I co-opted the design when I realized owls are much easier to draw than finches.

Gotta Love Robots

Pencil sketch of robot character design.  Robot kneeling and holding small rodent creature. Pencil sketch of robot character design.   Robot shown walking. Pencil sketch of robot character design.  Early draft, round face.Opening up the vault for this one.   Character designs of main character from an animated short I was working on.  The final robot looked a bit different, but I do like these early examples.


Character Design for an Upcoming Comic Book

A character design for a comic book (or graphic novel, if you will) I’m currently working on.  Timid Mole is his name.  As fitting his character, my goal was to make him as sweetly shifty as possible.

Pencil drawing of a shady mole character in panama hat and trench coat


Furtive Squirrel Character Designs – Part 1

Over the next few days I’m going to put up the existing character designs for Ghost Squirrel along with a bit of bio.

ink and digital color illustration of a giant tailed squirrel character

Part one of the character design for the main character of a webcomic project.  This is the standard form of the titular Ghost Squirrel.  Read on for part one of the pitch description:

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