“Falling City”

Circus Insurance page 4

“Circus Insurance”

“Ghost Squirrel” – Second Pass

Comic book pencil layout showing crowded cafe scene. Squirrel pulls the watch up looks at the face and than closes the watch with a snap. Comic book pencil layout showing Owl walking through a wide city landscape. An invisible Squirrel gets her attention and she looks to where he indicated. Comic book pencil layout featuring a very wide shot of a tree filled city. A lone character with an umbrella stands oddly in the middle. In the next panel owl speaks to the still invisible squirrel. Comic book page pencil layout showing an owl having a phone conversations with an umbrella holding mole. The owl approaches the mole only to have him deliberately drop the phone.

“Ghost Squirrel” – First Pass

Pencils by John Delaney, Inks by Ty Templeton; from “Justice League Unlimited #44″ Original Art by Keiichi Koike; from “Ultra Heaven” Color Portfolio Original Art by Sergi Toppi Hans Rickheit’s “The SQUIRREL MACHINE” page 114

Comic Colorist Sample Pages

“Falling City”

comic book page showing man opening door to reveal lion eating his pet pigeon.

“Circus Insurance”

“Ghost Squirrel” – Second Pass (2014 – 2015)

“Ghost Squirrel” – First Pass (2013 – 2014)

Comic Colorist Sample Pages (2012)