An Older Scene in its Proper Place

I’ve posted an older version of this scene before.  But this one has updated lettering and an actual ending!  It’s also the first scene of “Ghost Squirrel” I ever drew – it may look a little different.

By the way: I’ve set up a central location for these pages.  Now you can read it in order.

Comic book pencil layout featuring a wide view of a cafe. An impatient Owl waits for someone to show up.

When Owl was a Dude

A villain from when I was sketching out ideas for the comic I’m working on. Pencil sketch showing character design for a cubby owl villain.Pencil sketch showing character design for a cubby owl villain.

This can also be considered an early version of the female hero character Owl.  I co-opted the design when I realized owls are much easier to draw than finches.

Ghost Squirrel Comic Page 3

comic page showing squirrel finishing his conversation with owl and exiting out onto a stage like space filled with a diverse and strange audienceThere are so, so many crowd scenes in this story.  I shall be a master crowdsman by the time this story is finished.

Ghost Squirrel Comic Page 2

Page two of Ghost Squirrel.  Meet the two main characters: Furtive Squirrel, the titular Ghost, and his (more-or-less) sidekick Intrepid Owl.

Comic Page in Pencil Layout Stage Showing Dialogue Between an Owl and a Squirrel

Production Illustration Stage One

While I’m working on writing the first chapter or so of my comic Ghost Squirrel, I’ve decided to make a couple of “production design” illustrations.  These drawings are intended to help me explore and stage the locations featured in each of Ghost Squirrel’s major scenes.

Landscape illustration of animal characters eating at a cafe before a hospital

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