Better Than Naked

Sometimes drawing normal people is more engaging than drawing naked women.

Sketchbook page showing drawings of a heavy set male sitting on an artist's horse.

Yes, really.

Perky Boobs and Attitude

Sketchbook compilation showing a woman with perky boobs and varying stages of attitude.An older set of drawings.  Perhaps in that transitionary phase between my rounded college era cartoons and the wavy, crazy muscled era I’ve been drawing most of these posts from.

That said, I still love the reclining woman’s (at bottom) boobs.  They are just so damn perky.


And Now We Have It

After some very cartoonish and semi-cartoonish attempts, I think I finally got him to look about right.sketchbook page showing drawing of a conventionally handsome nude man leaning on an artist's stoolStill, he looks like a handsomer version of one of my comic characters.  I guess true realism will have to wait another day.

Ghost Squirrel Comic Page 3

comic page showing squirrel finishing his conversation with owl and exiting out onto a stage like space filled with a diverse and strange audienceThere are so, so many crowd scenes in this story.  I shall be a master crowdsman by the time this story is finished.