A Different Likeness

A very different take on this woman.Sketchbook spread showing large black woman sitting on a stool in front of a ladder.At least I think it’s the same woman.  Hard to tell, particularly since “likeness” is a rather low priority when I draw from life.

When Things Aren’t As They Seem

This guy was the most conventionally attractive person I’ve ever had the opportunity to draw naked.

Sketchbook page featuring a nude man sitting on a stool and leaning on a bamboo stick.…granted things went a little awry in the drawing phase.

Strange Eyed Lady

Sometimes I get bored and conspire to make people as weird looking as possible.Illustration of strange looking woman sitting on cushioned stool and cloth.

Being bored with the model is also a good opportunity to practice cloth.

Long, Skinny, Distinctive

Illustration of a distinctive male artist's model holding sword and scabbard and sitting on a cloth covered stool. Sketchbook page featuring drawings a distinctive male artist model holding a cane and reclining.

Haven’t had enough man on this blog yet.  Some longer poses (10 min and 20 min) of a really fun artist’s model.  Really long and skinny, with a very distinctive belly button.  I might post shorter poses from this session.