Long Pose, Stange Knees

Drawing featuring long pose illustration of a nude man reclining on a board.

Another weirdly drawn guy.  Longer pose.  I think his proportions are a bit off, but the energy of the line work is nice.

He also has two knees on one leg.  Or maybe that’s skin flap.

Female Dancer, Medium and Long

Life drawings, three medium length poses of a female dancer.

Long pose illustration of a pretty female dancer sitting on a stool.

The last of the “dancer lady” drawings I have scanned.  Longer poses here.  I think this set’s gestures were better…but that’s not unusual for me.

Fun Dancer Lady

sketchbook page featuring a female dancer

I suspect this model (the lady) may have been an exotic dancer in another life.  She was very strong, flexible, and felt comfortable posing upside down for extended periods of time.  

She was terribly fun to draw!

Pretty, Knobby Women

Sketchbook page showing three color pencil illustrations of a nude woman sitting, standing, and lying down.

Something of mine again.  I went crazy with her muscle tone, didn’t I?  Do really like her feet though.

Two Ladies On Two Page Spread

Life drawing of the same woman in two poses.  Pencil and colored pencil on cream paper.Thought I’d post something of my own today: a two page spread of my sketch book featuring two long poses of a lady sitting.  

Media: Pencil with an orange color pencil underdrawing in one case.