Up-skirt Late Night Sucker Punch

Went to a themed life drawing session once.  They had several girls dressed up as ladies from the film “Sucker Punch.”  It was quite fun except for the fact that it started at 10pm.

Sketchbook page showing an up-skirt shot of a woman dressed like a character from the film Sucker Punch

Bamboo God

Sketchbook page showing pencil illustration of a muscular nude man leaning on bamboo and cloth.I do love drawing well built (aka muscular) men.  It’s the only way to drawing very curvy shapes without being in the realm of the feminine.  Needless to say, I also enjoy drawing large butts.

Lady With Large Hair and Shredded Outfit

A pencil drawing or two from an “extreme” costume drawing session I went to.  She might have been dressed as a clown.  Or she just took her more adventurous clothing and stuck it all together in an unholy mess.

Sketchbook page of pencil drawing of a lady with large frizzy hair and a shredded outfit.

Good practice either way.

Duct Tape Witchblade

My first experience with costumed figure drawing was an entertaining experience.  A woman showed up in a silky black dress and a whole heap of duct tape all over her arm.  Supposedly, she was dressed as Witchblade.

Sketchbook page featuring an illustration of a costumed woman dressed as witchblade.

Eh, her costume wasn’t any worse than the one worn in that TV show.


It’s been too long since I last posted any life drawing.  These days I prefer costumed models for practice as I need to be able to draw cloth (and shoes!) with ease.

Sketchbook page showing a seated man and woman, both dressed like pirates.

These two dressed up as pirates for some reason.

Lady Leaning In

Sometimes only a few choice lines are necessary to get across an emotion.

Life drawing from a sketchbook page.  A short haired woman leans in on herself.