Buff Man, Cream Paper

Long pose illustration featuring buff man with crossed arms.

Another of the “cream paper” set.  This one features my favorite model — alas, now far away in Hawaii — an amazingly build man, perfect for drawing.

I like the way I drew ankles in this period.  I should take it up again.

Cream Colored Gesture

Life drawing gesture on cream paper made with red and grey colored pencil.

A shorter pose from the “cream paper” set.  I drew the model’s left hand particularly well, I think.  Very claw like.

Long Pose, Stange Knees

Drawing featuring long pose illustration of a nude man reclining on a board.

Another weirdly drawn guy.  Longer pose.  I think his proportions are a bit off, but the energy of the line work is nice.

He also has two knees on one leg.  Or maybe that’s skin flap.

Our Lady of Weird Proportions – A Life Drawing

A strangely classical looking drawing for me.  Drawn in some sort of watercolor pencil (though that “water” function will forever remain unused) and cream paper.  It looks pretty good.  I should start doing that again for long poses.

Grey and green colored pencil illustrations of nude woman in classic pose.

Also: that is one amazingly flat boob.  I’m sure the model had perfectly lovely breasts in real life…I hope.