Our Lady of Weird Proportions – A Life Drawing

A strangely classical looking drawing for me.  Drawn in some sort of watercolor pencil (though that “water” function will forever remain unused) and cream paper.  It looks pretty good.  I should start doing that again for long poses.

Grey and green colored pencil illustrations of nude woman in classic pose.

Also: that is one amazingly flat boob.  I’m sure the model had perfectly lovely breasts in real life…I hope.

Strange Eyed Lady

Sometimes I get bored and conspire to make people as weird looking as possible.Illustration of strange looking woman sitting on cushioned stool and cloth.

Being bored with the model is also a good opportunity to practice cloth.

Female Dancer, Medium and Long

Life drawings, three medium length poses of a female dancer.

Long pose illustration of a pretty female dancer sitting on a stool.

The last of the “dancer lady” drawings I have scanned.  Longer poses here.  I think this set’s gestures were better…but that’s not unusual for me.