Ghost Squirrel Scene Two – Layouts version 2

Right-o!  Reworked boxing scene in full.  Page 5 has an extra panel.  The original (second version) was fine and all, but it didn’t quite match the pacing of the rest of the scene.

The scene is meant to be a quick paced teaser to establish the rather important plot point that Squirrel is…well…already dead!

Comic book pencil layouts featuring a ringing boxing bell, a cheering animal audience, and a bobcat taking a swing at a squirrel.

Comic book pencil layouts featuring many small panels. An owl watches a boxing match, looks a little worried, and nervously holds a pocket watch. Meanwhile, the bobcat and squirrel fight.

Comic book pencil layout featuring a continued boxing match between a bobcat and a squirrel. A nearby guppy has unkind words to say about the squirrel.

Comic book layouts featuring a boxing match between a squirrel and a bobcat. The squirrel gets up off the mat to take on the bobcat. Meanwhile the owl looks intently at the strange pocket watch.

Comic book layout showing the squirrel punching the bobcat. The bobcat winds up a punch in retaliation and the owl, for some reason, looks happy about this.

Comic book page pencil layout showing the final "tock" of the pocket watch while the audience looks shocked. The owl is extra pleased.

Comic Page Clean Up

Still reworking the boxing scene for pacing issues.  Technically I should be posting page 7 today, but I’m not inclined to post the original version.  Instead: page 1 with clean (and possibly over-leveled) lines!

Clean line comic book page showing hand holding a watch and mirror.