Life Drawing – Gesture Spread

I pulled together all the gesture sketches from a single life drawing session for this set.  That was a lot easier to do when I drew small.

Sketchbook page gesture drawings of a flexible nude woman in many positions.

I switched sketchbook brands the second I realized this one’s paper scanned a hue of piss yellow.

Fun Dancer Lady

sketchbook page featuring a female dancer

I suspect this model (the lady) may have been an exotic dancer in another life.  She was very strong, flexible, and felt comfortable posing upside down for extended periods of time.  

She was terribly fun to draw!

Lady Gestures and Illustrations

Sketchbook page featuring two colored pencil based gesture drawings of a nude woman. Long pose illustrations of a nude woman drawing in red and gray pencils.

Some gesture sketches and some longer drawings of the same woman.

The bottom page is way more realistic than I usually get.  It’s a bit weird to look at for me.