Gilded Woman and Talking Praying Mantis

comic book panel from Valentina by Guido Crepax featuring fancy woman and talking praying mantis

Looked up the tag “European Comics” on tumblr and (not surprisingly) a lot of naked women showed up…but isn’t that why we love them?  The “Valentina” by Guido Crepax series barely counts as “comics” in my view, it’s certainly not narrative, but boy is the line work pretty.

Manga Motion Line Study Two

Two days in to my theme week of and I’m already cheating!  So not quite “action lines” but they do give the reader a great sense of movement.  Both panels are from the awesome and trippy “Ultra Heaven” by Koike Keiichi.

Manga Motion Line Study One

Image by Takehiko Inoue featuring Samurai violently swinging wood sword at man's head

Doing a study of manga motion lines.  Vagabond by Takehiko Inoue has some great heavy duty action shots (above), but it’s the subtle effects that really stand out (below).

Image by Takehiko Inoue featuring a paper ball moving on a wood surface.

Surreal Hans Rickheit Scene

Hans Rickheit is one of my favorite graphic novel makers.  His panel flow is akin to film language, lyrical and well paced.  His narratives are mysterious and beautiful in their own extremely dark and f–ked up way.

Image by Hans Rickheit featuring a surreal scene with animals and pipes in a gothic colonial roomAnd the ink work is fantastic.