Ghost Squirrel Comic Page 3

comic page showing squirrel finishing his conversation with owl and exiting out onto a stage like space filled with a diverse and strange audienceThere are so, so many crowd scenes in this story.  I shall be a master crowdsman by the time this story is finished.

Ghost Squirrel Comic Page 2

Page two of Ghost Squirrel.  Meet the two main characters: Furtive Squirrel, the titular Ghost, and his (more-or-less) sidekick Intrepid Owl.

Comic Page in Pencil Layout Stage Showing Dialogue Between an Owl and a Squirrel

And So It Begins…

I’ve occasionally posted character designs, early page sketches, and test illustrations for a comic book (or graphic novel, if you will) I’m working on called Ghost Squirrel.  I think it’s time I officially turned this website into a development blog for the title.

Well…here we go.  The mostly finished pencils of page 01.

pencil layout version of a comic book page featuring Squirrel character looking at clock and mirror

That’s the lead character at the end.  Also, that clock is important.

Expect updates once a week!