Bamboo God

Sketchbook page showing pencil illustration of a muscular nude man leaning on bamboo and cloth.I do love drawing well built (aka muscular) men.  It’s the only way to drawing very curvy shapes without being in the realm of the feminine.  Needless to say, I also enjoy drawing large butts.

A Different Likeness

A very different take on this woman.Sketchbook spread showing large black woman sitting on a stool in front of a ladder.At least I think it’s the same woman.  Hard to tell, particularly since “likeness” is a rather low priority when I draw from life.

Life Drawing – Gesture Spread

I pulled together all the gesture sketches from a single life drawing session for this set.  That was a lot easier to do when I drew small.

Sketchbook page gesture drawings of a flexible nude woman in many positions.

I switched sketchbook brands the second I realized this one’s paper scanned a hue of piss yellow.

Oldie Goldie

I’ll be posting a few worthy sketchbook pages from an older set of work starting with this long pose set:

Sketchbook page featuring long pose illustrations of a large nude woman leaning on a cane.  Also shows portrait insert.

I believe I only had the opportunity to draw this woman once.  As I recall she was enormously difficult to do gestures for.

And Now We Have It

After some very cartoonish and semi-cartoonish attempts, I think I finally got him to look about right.sketchbook page showing drawing of a conventionally handsome nude man leaning on an artist's stoolStill, he looks like a handsomer version of one of my comic characters.  I guess true realism will have to wait another day.

Last of the Creams

Colored pencil illustration on cream paper showing intense woman sitting by a ladder.The last of the cream paper drawings I have scanned.  I really like the look and effect of the colored pencil on this paper.  Posting these has inspired me to take it up again.

Also, I know I can go pretty crazy with hands sometimes…but these specimens are just ridiculous! That nipple of her’s is also pretty fantastic.

Lady with Prominent Nose and Thighs

Illustration of artist's model with prominent nose and thighs.

Part of me thinks this drawing is very weird looking.  But then again…there is some nice…shall I say “drama” to the line work.

I’ll go hide in a corner for typing that now.

Freaky Faced Lady

Green pencil illustration of a woman sitting on a cloth covered stool.

The “cream” set continues.  I always thought the way I drew this lady’s face seemed slightly…Miyazaki, I suppose.  It might be her expression.

Buff Man, Cream Paper

Long pose illustration featuring buff man with crossed arms.

Another of the “cream paper” set.  This one features my favorite model — alas, now far away in Hawaii — an amazingly build man, perfect for drawing.

I like the way I drew ankles in this period.  I should take it up again.

Cream Colored Gesture

Life drawing gesture on cream paper made with red and grey colored pencil.

A shorter pose from the “cream paper” set.  I drew the model’s left hand particularly well, I think.  Very claw like.