Pretty, Knobby Women

Sketchbook page showing three color pencil illustrations of a nude woman sitting, standing, and lying down.

Something of mine again.  I went crazy with her muscle tone, didn’t I?  Do really like her feet though.

Comic – Circus Insurance

UPDATE: This is the old version of the comic.  The finial version can be found here.

A six page color comic informally called “Circus Insurance”

Comic book page showing an exterior of a house with a circus in the background, then a close up of a stressed pigeon comic book page showing a sequence where man watching a newscast about an escaped lion hears a sound at the door.  He prepares to attack the intruder. comic book page showing man opening door to reveal lion eating his pet pigeon. comic book page showing man running away from door to take refuge in the kitchen only to be greeted by a golden monkey comic book page revealing that there are three golden monkeys in the kitchen.  They hand the man a card saying "Circus Insurance" and then go to attack the lion Comic book page showing one of the monkeys throwing a grenade at the lion.  The man ducks down as the explosion hits.  When the smoke clears, he calls the number on the card