Practice in Animation Storyboards – The Next Scene 13

AKA: The Layout Special

Scene one is here and scene two now has a home here.

I have a confession to make.  When I do “camera moves” for my storyboards, I skip a step and go straight to workbook — is that phrase in use anymore? — or even to some sort of preliminary layout stage.

I used to (and sometime still do) tell people I’m a storyboard artist, but I’m much more interested in how every stage of production fits together to create the final whole; divisions between storyboards, layout, or even editorial can be a bit fluid with that mindset.

A workbook or layout of a shot from a self-directed animated feature project.  Digital drawing feature a truck-out, pan up camera move showing a woman opening a door and the crazy gin-still setup she has on the second floor.Only after drawing something like this workbook/layout/whatever would I break it down into sequential panels to imply camera moves (in this case a combination truck-out and pan up.)

I never got around to breaking this one down.  Maybe I recognized the purpose of the exercise had come to a close?