Barbed Guppy Character Design

Ink and color illustration for a guppy character design, fish holds cane and wears aztec inspired clothing

Villain character for Ghost Squirrel, the comic book project I’m working on.  Read on for a pitch description for Barbed Guppy.

Bob the Cat’s mean and manipulative trainer and manager. Like Bob the Cat, she’ll do anything to win. Unlike Bob, she prefers the smarter, less direct route. In her younger days she acquired a vial of supernatural ink that allows her to write powerful rune spells. If she needs witnesses to look the other way when Bob the Cat goes too far in a match, she hands out paper with the rune “forget” and it is as if nothing ever happened. Even Bob’s boxing gloves get their power from the runes she’s written on the wraps underneath.

Little does she know that her beloved “magic ink” is actually the manifestation of an OLD SPIRIT; the runes only get their power because she’s unknowingly binding a part of the powerful creature to the text. When the runes are physically destroyed the creature is let loose into the world, free to cause uncontrolled mayhem.